A fresh look on your walls

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Adding a fresh new look to your walls is easy with the wide selection of tones that are included in our Coordonné paints range, using them to add some new graphics or designs to achieve a contemporary summer vibe.

Over the summer, the temperatures can reach breath taking heights here in the Mediterranean, so we want to make sure our homes feel like an oasis of freshness and cool.

Decorative materials which are ideal for this purpose include polished cement in light tones; sofas with simple lines, covered with our El Mercader White fabric (if it can be a loose-fitting upholstery, all the better); and finally, these three colour tones for your walls from our Matt Interiors extra matt paint:

Why go for a single shade of paint when you can generate a geometric three-tone design?

Our Mediterranean Eco Paints collection – with the 100 tonalities it offers – enables you to design a range of patterns where you can allow your creative imagination to run free. Let yourself be guided by the type of light in your space and the overall composition you wish to achieve.

We recommend that you sketch your design first on paper, and using a soft pencil, draw the design onto the wall. Then, with masking tape, you can then work with the paint, either on your own or with the help of a professional, to make your design a reality. The other option is to play around with the wall, moulding and doors, using these three tones that we recommend, to achieve an alternative composition.

Please don’t hesitate to share all your questions and concerns with us, we are here to give you advice on how to start redecorating your home with our eco paints!

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