Can you wallpaper a staircase?

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Not only is it possible, but you will also achieve the most stunning effect!

As you know, Coordonné wallcoverings come in two different formats: the usual wallpaper with a design that repeats every X cm, so hanging it simply involves matching the pattern perfectly between each panel so that there is a continuous design. Then we have the mural, where the design is not repeated; it is one whole design.

Wallpapering a staircase with normal wallcovering is wonderful because it creates depth and brings a unique beauty to the experience of going up and down the stairs. It is also the most economical and simplest option.

If you opt for a mural or wallcovering which depicts a scene, the process is more complex as our design team will have to calculate, according to the height or angles of the steps (the bottom of the stair and its height), the positioning of the elements or figures of the mural so that the match is impeccable between the panels over all sections of the staircase.

Proof of the pride that we have in working on customisation for staircases can be seen in our project for Casa Decor.

At Casa Decor we went all out and covered seven floors of narrow stairs (120 cm wide) with seven unique murals that represent the ecosystem of our precious planet. We transformed a gloomy and charmless stairwell into a magical experience that connects you, through the music and embracing effect of these large-format pictorial works, with nature.

It was an incredible project that we take much pride in having completed, as the panels had to be printed in a much longer length than usual, due of the height of the walls, and all with a perfect pattern match.

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