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Coordonné’s greatest strengths are its ability to adapt to the needs of each project, and the variety of products on offer which allow the customer to achieve a coordinated and impeccable complete look (wallpapers + paints + fabrics + homewear).

Your choice of raw materials

Isn’t it amazing that one design – whether on wallpaper or a mural – can be offered in different qualities according to the technical needs of the project? This also applies to the paint range, where the same colour is available in a matt or semi-gloss finish and can be chosen for either indoors or outdoors.

The customer can select the most suitable wallpaper substrate for their requirements: extra matt in non-woven quality; or semi-gloss in vinyl quality for greater washability and wear and tear (kitchens and bathrooms). Contract wall coverings are also available for use in the hospitality industry, where the product is constantly exposed to wear and tear.

Made-to-measure murals

The scale and colour of all the designs can be adapted to the uniqueness of the space. This option is extremely useful as sometimes the furniture may restrict or prevent the mural from achieving the desired look.

How many times does a wardrobe, dresser or headboard cover the main element of a mural? Our team can find a solution to this problem, subtly altering the mural to achieve absolute perfection!

The same happens with colour, where, depending on the lighting, the colour intensity or tone has to be adjusted for the mural to provide the desired effect in the space.


Coordonné Team


The elegance of pink

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