The added value of collaborating with other brands and artists

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We love working with other brands and/or artists who share our vision and creativity.

It is always so rewarding to share experiences with people who have active, vibrant minds.

This is why we launch collections such as our 40th Anniversary collection, presented to commemorate our long career in the interior design sector. In being able to work with renowned artists from diverse worlds such as art, architecture, industrial design and even fashion, we were able to form many new relationships. Not only this, we were also able to learn so much and enjoy ourselves along the way.

The artistic sensitivity of painters such as Joana Santamans with her Naturae collection, the structured vision of Tyen Masten, and the mastery of pattern design by figures such as Jordi Labanda, Catalina Estrada, Lara Costafreda or Laura Torroba allow us to reap so many rewards.

This autumn-winter we have launched a collection with Women’s Secret, in order to explore that satisfaction gained by the many women who seek the comfort and style of this renowned brand. In the end, the clients of Women’s Secret’s and those of Coordonné both look for the same style of romanticism when they buy our chinesco murals or oriental landscapes.

So go on, cover your walls with references such as Edo (Core collection), Meihua (Random Chinoiseries collection), Neo Belle-Epoque (Metamorphosis collection), or Jute Flora (Botanika collection) and treat yourself to those items offered at Women’s Secret, to transport yourself to the Far East or to a floral landscape straight from a fairy tale.



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