The art of punch needle

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We love traditional embroidery, and this is why we urge you to take up the art of needle punching!

All you need is a bit of quiet time and the following tools, for you to be able to create an incredible cover for your bed, cushion, or any other decorative element that you want to transform with an artisan look.

  • Our fabric Tramuntana from the IBIZA collection. It is the perfect fabric for this technique because it has a wide weave and it is also 100 % organic linen with a very soft washed-out look. Instead of using the typical burlap which will itch you to death, and which also forces you into embroidering or lining the whole fabric, Tramuntana will allow you the luxury of not having to line the fabric, due to its softness.
  • Embroidery thread or wool,
  • An embroidery hoop or frame,
  • Scissors
  • The essential tool: an embroidery needle.

It is a relaxing technique similar to crochet, where using a special type of pen with a joined together needle at the end, you work along the fabric, “perforating” it, with embroidery thread, creating whichever pattern you desire.

This technique is coming back into fashion because it is much more workable and easier than traditional embroidery, and it also allows you to create many different textures on the same fabric.

Don’t give it another thought… get yourself into punch needle with our Tramuntana fabric!

Imagine the Paris Arc de Triomphe with wall paper

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