The warmth of terracota tones

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The density and warmth of the terracotta colours are making a strong comeback, both for walls and for upholstery and paint.

Paprika, saffron and cinnamon tones have an abundance of personality and create good vibes when used in a carefully considered interior design.

With this colour you do have to get all the elements in the space right, to create harmony with the earthy colours. It poses an interesting challenge for those of us who work in decorating interiors!

In wallpaper and murals, we recommend the Kente Wine, Uzbek Clay and Llengües Wine references from the Ikart collection where organic shapes, in a faded texture, are repeated lengthwise.

In paint, the colours pimentón and terracotta are wonderful for covering walls and ceilings.

In fabric, the Creta collection in its coral versions.

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