Travelling always inspires

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More than a year ago, we embarked on a journey with an open-ended ticket. We set off to discover unique places which would inspire us while designing our new collection of wall coverings: Wander.

The result is spectacular. Twelve designs which capture the essence of the places that we share with you below, where we attempt to let our adventurous spirit rub off on you: Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Ethiopia, India, Japan, Morocco, Costa Rica, Portugal, England and Vietnam.

A unique experience which recharged our rucksacks with the energy needed to take on the new 2020-2021 school year.

You can find large-scale abstract designs which portray the majesty of nature, flowers and vegetation brimming with colour, exotic animals, ceramics, bowler hats, buildings and even anonymous silhouettes and unique buildings.

Unforgettable memories!


Coordonné Team

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