UAL Central Saint Martins x Coordonné

UAL Central Saint Martins x Coordonné
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  • Project by: UAL Central Saint Martins x Coordonné

Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London is a world pioneer in educating students in Art and Design.

Its students come from all over the world, creating a unique diversity in the institution that contributes to a whole variety of way sof thinking, doing and acting. A laboratory of infinite creativity where ideas are generated without barriers or precedents.

We have had the pleasure of creating a collection with ten BA Textile Design students.

The concept of the collection?
Rest Time

Nowadays, time moves forward at ad izzying speed. At Coordonné our aim is to slow this down, filling the spaces around us with calm. We see moments of disconnection as crucial for reconnecting with ourselves and activating our creativity. This led us to create the concept of our collection: Rest Time (discover the collection). 

Behind the scene

Vicente Nebot, Ocre Interiores

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