An exemplary generational handover

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Coordonné is a family run company which was founded in 1978 by Carmen López de Lamadrid. Throughout the years it has been able to maintain and transmit its own mark and unique identity: to cover and decorate spaces with wall coverings and fabrics in a coordinated way. The name comes from the French word, Coordonné.

In 2002 the baton was passed from mother to son, when Gabriel Bans took over. We can proudly say that it was a harmonious change, which isn’t always achievable within family run companies.

This year we celebrate 40 years since our foundation, and we wanted to share some of our thoughts on why the generational handover of the business was such a success.

  • The was a clear delegation of tasks,
  • There was complete trust between mother and son,
  • The mood was always positive, and of mutual admiration,
  • There were no barriers to growth,
  • They were supported by technological innovation and processes,
  • An aesthetic criterion of elegance was always upheld,
    • The client comes first: they must be listened to and cared for,
    • The employee is fundamental, they have to be happy in order to transmit the positivity which is in Coordonné’s DNA.

For this reason, we celebrate being part of the Coordonné team and we believe that it’s a unique opportunity to launch fantastic collections for the next 40 years!

 Coordonné Marketing Team

The art of the trompe l’Oleil, brought to wall covering

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