The art of the trompe l’Oleil, brought to wall covering

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At Coordonné we love to tell stories and that’s why the trompe de l’oeil suits us down to the ground!

As you know, “trompe l’oeil” is a French term used to describe an optical illusion, in which you think that your wall has come to life. It’s a visual art or painting technique of heightened realism which fools the eye. It originated in the 15th Century when it was used to decorate and create depth on flat surfaces and walls.

If we add a touch of the aesthetics of Asian porcelain china to the technique, with its rural landscapes, we are brought into the 17th Century with the Chinoiserie style. Later on, Japanese minimalism was incorporated, which went on to conquer Europe, decorating palatial spaces.

The Chinoiserie style demands work of the highest precision from its artists, who paint for long periods of time until they obtain the realism they are looking for.

This year, 2019, we have set the stakes high at Coordonné. We want to give you the opportunity to create with ease, the optical illusion or story that you most want for your own home or space, whether a mountain landscape depicting the daily life of the Mandarin people, or a Californian desert scene. You can do this thanks to our made-to-measure mural service.

Simply click on this link to see the RANDOM CHINOISERIES collection, a new collection of made-to-measure murals which take us into the magical world of the orient.

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