Help us recycle our mural stocks!

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Our Coordonné murals are designed made to measure, to make them just as the client needs. Our goal is for aesthetic perfection to be achieved on the wall or walls that you would like to cover

This desire for perfection and meticulousness often means that we have murals which have been already produced, but because of last minute changes by our clients, they remain in our stock.

Searching for a practical solution on how use these murals has led us to create a recycling or online sales channel in outlet format. In other words, they are priced competitively due to the fact that they can’t be modified in terms of scale or colour. They are beautiful murals that cannot be customised.

Will you sign up to help us recycle these precious items? Visit the  Coordonne Outlet online and take a look at the dropdown options to see if there are any that fit the measurements of your space.

Here are some of the freshest murals this course.

Verde que te quiero verde

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