Verde que te quiero verde

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Coming back from summer with a positive outlook leaves you feeling energised for the months ahead.

The Spanish singer Manzanita already said it in his song “green, I love you green, green wind, green branches…”.

The mint green and moss green of our eco paints is a great option to cover everything with chlorophyll: Ref. 097B and the Ref. 096A.


Organic walls with ethnic Ikat handicraft motifs in botanical tones such as Ref. Abr Green.


In fabrics, your best option would be the Olivar collection with plant motifs typical of our warm lands bathed in the Mediterranean sun.


Finally, the Chinoiseries Tapestries Mint bedspread or tapestry in aqua tones brings a fresh touch to your bedroom with its courting peacocks.

Charging your life with green energy… what else do you need?!

Happy summer with a Mediterranean look

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