Happy summer with a Mediterranean look

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Cobalt blue adorning corners of your summer house: a wooden table with enamelled bowls filled with appetising fruits; starched cushions with fabrics from our Creta collection in sunny living rooms.


Murals with giant whales, Ref. Humpback Whale, that draw you deeper into infinite oceans where you meet with friends to share everyday comings and goings.


Cheerful indigo stripes, Ref. Antonio, on the walls of your vintage bathroom that awaken your circulation when you take a bath after a day at the beach.


White wooden windows framed in murals of exotic birds, Ref Victoria, which open wide to let in the morning breeze in a charming coastal town.


A pool in terracotta colours beside which you lay out your towel to get a tan, surrounded by patterned cushions from Ikart Outdoor.


Scenes of a happy summer that creates unforgettable memories.

Visual cleanliness with whites and blues

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