Visual cleanliness with whites and blues

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Whites tend to be favoured by those who seek minimalism and visual purity.

There is no doubt that the freshness of white helps to clear the mind and it creates a clean and pure aesthetic in whichever space you find it.

There are cultures and places which stand out for their use of white, such as the whitewashed towns of Spain in the Balearic Islands or in southern Spain.

Interior design which uses both white and sky or azure blue often allows the geometric shapes of the furniture and the architectural lines of the space to stand out.

White is the perfect companion to contemporaneity and timelessness. It never goes out of fashion.

We recommend our Eurolabel, Breeam and Leed certified eco paints in both the extra matt quality Matt Interiors and Eggshell in the following shades: Encalado, Algodón and Ibiza, as well as the blue tone of Ártico.

Our favourite option for wallpaper is the linen-based Doñana reference from the Aracne collection, which shows a group of flamingos on an almost white background.

The warmth of terracota tones

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