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Leaving the smallest environmental footprint is the principal aim of Hiroshi Tsunoda’s industrial design, and this is why we selected him to develop our new packaging for rolls of wallpaper.


Creating a functional, elegant and sustainable product is not always easy, but this Japanese designer, who has lived in Barcelona for 23 years, has passed the test with flying colours once again for Coordonné.

Hiroshi knows our product very well as he was part of the group of artists that contributed to our 40th Anniversary collection, so he understood the brief from the very first moment.

The first sketch he made with a bic pen and white paper – his favourite tools –captivated us, because we would never have thought that a milk carton could have any other use other than to hold such an everyday liquid.


The material, recycled cardboard, folds in seconds in an easy and agile way and with just a few staples it closes without the need for a plastic seal.

The rolls arrive intact, and the visual experience is both gratifying and enjoyable.



This has reduced packaging times for our warehouse team, and we are also saving on materials.

What’s more, the end customer doesn’t have to worry about removing seals and plastic material from the packaging when placing it in the recycling container, since it’s 100% cardboard.

To add and not subtract is a motto that we follow with rigor when developing any product.

We still have work to do but we won’t stop until we reach the highest level of respect and kindness for our planet.


Can you help us recycle our mural stock?

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