Hand-painted designs

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The added value of a good design is in the way it has been created.

The colour, scale, lines and artistic language are some of the elements to be taken into account when considering how a pattern or composition could work.

Harmony is our leitmotif, and that’s why we love to work with many mood boards at a time, producing different drafts of the same idea.

The idea of perfection is subjective, since there is nothing more beautiful than an irregular line or a faded colour.

The main requirement is that from the very beginning, the design should be elegant, and for this the initial sketches are very important.

Here are some of our sketches from the Aracne collection, where we created mythical murals inspired by the Greek world, all in our exquisite Linen and Silk qualities, as well as the drawings of the Lur collection with its irresistible landscape designs.

Painting your walls with creative elegance

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