Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was surrounded by wallpaper

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Growing up surrounded by wallpaper gives you another perspective on décor, and the power of lovingly covered walls. 

My mother was passionate about textures, colours and collecting unique pieces, rescued from here and there. 

It gave us a childhood full of beautiful details, aromas and colour. 


Among these special experiences that my role model gave me in life is that of surrounding myself with floral, geometric wallpapers and figurative motifs in unusual colours. 

This range of visual stimuli has enabled me to live a happy life and have a love for wallpaper that surpasses objectivity. 

She was, in fact, a decorating genius who, without even knowing it, promoted my creativity and that of my brothers and sisters. There was no colour that wasn’t included in her Mary Poppins bag! 

Thank you mama, for surrounding me with colour and joy! 


Believe it or not, interior designs affects people’s spirit and at Coordonné, this makes us very proud! Since 1978 we have been creating exciting settings with the aim of influencing people’s daily lives. 

We invite you to delve into the world of wallpaper headfirst, and enrich the interior design of your home. Allow your imagination to go on the wildest journeys and enjoy the ride! 

Menu 1 – Milano Design Week 2024

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