Menu 1 - Milano Design Week 2024

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During this year’s Milano Design Week, there are many brands that aim to turn heads by generating a unique burst of creativity. 

Both at the fair,  Salone del Mobile,  and in the streets, Fuorisalone,  design companies exhibit their new products, across sectors as varied as interior design, fashion, art and the automotive sector. This time, the common theme was “Natural Matter”. 

 Captivating and surprising visitors to this Italian city, the hotbed of design, is a priority and competition fuels ingenuity. 

Coordonné has taken part in the bucolic exhibition called Menu.1 in the atrium of the Convent of Sant Ángelo with the help of the German artist Bodo Sperlein with whom we also developed a collection of wallpapers, murals and fabrics inspired by nature: the Artisan collection. 

In the Convent, the lush vegetation of Japanese willows, water lilies in ponds and climbing viburnums are the natural elements that frame our wallpapers and murals along with furniture by Bodo, lamps by Lzf, Persian rugs by Edelgrund and collector’s Austrian glassware by Lobmeyr. 

All brands involved in Menu. 1 have a common denominator: the value of artisan, and valuing what is personal. 



In the case of Artisan, it is a collection developed by Bodo Sperlein using techniques as varied as watercolour, graphite, Indian ink or oil. 

It’s a lyrical opportunity to take a journey between the pillars of spirituality. 

Let us highlight the harmony of the Fold Stone sculptural mural with the Waves curved tables and the Toro lamp by Lzf, as well as the Drapery Emerald textile drape mural with the black Counterline bench, all developed by Bodo Sperlein. 



There is also a great harmony between our Torn Gold mural and The Cloud mesh and neon lamp by Lzf, created by Candela Cort. 



Finally, our Ribbon Ink mural with the detail of Lobmeyr lamps as a glamorous setting for an incredible Orea kitchen. 


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