Street Wallpaper

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Having one eye on street trends is, for us, the best way to gather opinions and tastes for our papers and murals. This is why we’ve taken the initiative and brought the Rest Time collection to the trendiest neighbourhoods of Barcelona.

We’ve called it the “Street Wallpaper campaign.

We stopped a load of good-looking people to ask them the question of whether the option of wallpapering their homes appealed to them, and if so, what type of design they would use.

We physically brought with us giant samples of wallpapers and murals of different concepts and compositions that they could touch.

It is incredible to see how everything is down to personal taste, as there was no homogeneous response or a fixed pattern.

Wallpapers with an apparently more romantic look suited men more than women, so once again it is clear that we cannot generalise, especially in terms of decor, since it is a very personal and subjective decision.

The experience of taking to the streets spontaneously has been incredible and we can officially say that Street Wallpaper Testing has entered Coordonné’s life and is here to stay!

We shared fun photos of people with a markedly contemporary style who were amazed by our Rest Time sponsored collection developed by ten Central Saint Martins students.


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