Wallpapering your ceiling – A fantastic choice!

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Wallpapering the ceiling is a fantastic look if you are also covering the walls with the same patterns. It generates the highly impressive effect of being truly surrounded by the design.


You might think the look is only for the most daring designers, but once you try it for the first time, we promise you won’t look back!


Fabian Níguez with the Ana Milán project, Vicente Nebot with his studio Ocre Interiores and the restyling of the Other Stories stores for 2023 are just a few of the many collaborations that we do where the ceiling gains dimension and depth thanks to covering the ceiling with this fireproof and washable material.

Paint has always been a good ally of wallpaper for walls, as well as mouldings like the ones we used from Orac at the last Intergift fair in Madrid. In our opinion though, the best look of all is to use wallpaper on your ceilings. 

The style allows an ascending continuity of the design, creating a 3D effect of absolute immersion. Used with the appropriate choice of mural or wallpaper it guarantees a truly unique sensation.

Here are some examples of beautiful wallpapered ceilings from our followers.





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