Casa Decor 2022

Casa Decor 2022
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  • Typology: Other
  • Project by: Coordonné, Casa Decor 2022

Immerse yourself in seven ecosystems that pay homage to our planet.

Two of Coordonné’s strong points are its ability to adapt to the needs of each project and the variety of products to achieve a coordinated and impeccable total look. The same wallpaper or mural design is available in different qualities depending on the project’s technical needs. In addition, the scale and colour of all designs can be adapted to the uniqueness of the space so that the service is one hundred per cent personalised.

At Coordonné, we are committed to sustainability. We have our manufacturing line to produce environmentally friendly wall coverings thanks to watercolour inks, materials that respect our forests and low energy consumption. Likewise, the looms are made of natural fibres, and the Homewear line is made locally, generating a Km0 value. The paint has also been developed from an ecological point of view, with Ecolabel, Breeam and Leed certifications that guarantee the best quality with the smallest environmental footprint.

Coordonné has been adding beauty to everyday life since 1978, creating collections to bring emotion to spaces.

Cotton House

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