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  • Typology: Other
  • Project by: Coordonné, Milan Design Week

Appartamento Spagnolo

Architecture is not just a visual presence but is a reality sensorial and experiential. Telling the immaterial dimension of living that involves all five senses. Sounds, music and scents travel beyond the confines of the home, reaching as far as Spain.

Domestic space is reinterpreted in an abstract key. Enclosures characterised by different colours and materiality are inserted within the rooms creating a second skin.

What is imagined is a space scenographic and dramaturgical space that recounts domestic moments. Daily rituals, uses of space and habits are the starting point for a project that explores new aspects of contemporary living.

Sala 01 - Talk Room

Sala 02 - Cucina e zona pranzo

Social space where scents and tastes tell of experiences and atmospheres related to food and conviviality.

The element of greenery links the interior with the terrace through a pergola covered with plants that recall the foliage of the wisteria visible from the windows. Possible space for talks and meetings.

Room 03 - Bathroom

Room 04 - Bedroom

Soft shapes recreate a cocoon, a private nook where one can take refuge.

Casa Decor 2022

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